Who We Serve

Agency Mania Solutions addresses the needs of various client stakeholders and their agencies:

If you are a CMO:

Think about Agency Mania Solutions (AMS) as a strategic partner that supports your marketing vision and efforts by empowering your marketing organization to manage their relationships and the work with their agencies more effectively.

If you are in marketing procurement or marketing operations:

Think about AMS as a solution software provider, enabling your team to be of greater value to your marketing stakeholders: driving efficiencies and reducing waste, enabling the effective use of agency resources and providing actionable data to make better informed decisions.

If you are in agency relations or agency management:

Think about AMS as an extension of your team and a solution software provider that supports your organizational efforts and institutionalize the use of robust, best in class, custom solutions ranging from performance evaluation, roster management to scope management and more.

If you are an agency:

Think about AMS as the platform solution your client might use to improve how they work with you, streamlining your engagement, reporting and the vital exchange of information between your two companies.