Our Purpose and Mission

Managing agency partnerships is hard.
We make it easier.

Industry leader offering custom agency management software.

Helping the world’s largest brands deploy customizable software that enables more effective management of their global strategic supplier partnerships.

Our solutions give clients the tools they need to:

  • Choose the right agency
  • Accurately brief the agency
  • Create actionable scopes of work
  • Effectively manage resources and contracts
  • Monitor related financial status and more

An Extensive Modular Platform

allowing organizations to realize greater value from their supplier relationships

Our Clients

The ideal choice for brand advertisers.

Take a look at the transformational value our SaaS platform can provide to key people in your marketing organization:

For the Chief Marketing Officer and marketing leaders:

Think about Agency Mania Solutions (AMS) as a strategic partner that supports your marketing vision and efforts. We empower your marketing organization to optimize and more effectively manage your partner relationships.

For the Chief Procurement Officer, and anyone in marketing procurement or marketing operations:

Our agency management software enables you to be of greater value to your marketing stakeholders: driving efficiencies and reducing waste, enabling the effective use of agency/supplier resources, and providing actionable data to make more informed decisions.

For those in agency relations or agency management:

We support your organizational efforts and institutionalize the use of robust, best-in-class, customizable solutions, ranging from performance evaluation and roster management to scope management and more.

For agency partners and advertising/marketing suppliers:

Think about AMS as the relationship management software your client might use to improve how they work with you: streamlining your engagement, your reporting, and the vital exchange of information between your two companies.

Make the most of your data

Benefits of our software.

Premium enterprise solutions


All data is encrypted at rest.
Hyper care support to ensure security of client data and continued system maintenance.


Not metered pricing.
Enterprise pricing includes unlimited number of users, agencies and data points.

Data Ownership

You own your data.
We make no claim to data entered in our systems and do not aggregate client data for our purposes.

Central Data

Unify your agency management practices.
Solutions are compatible with another and can be integrated with other systems.

Our Unique Value

Why we are trusted by the largest brands in the world.

We’ve been in your shoes.

We understand the complexity and nuances of your organizational challenges and the world of agencies and marketing suppliers, which is why we are able to deliver solutions that produce the best outcomes.

3 Reasons
why we are the leading provider of cloud-based agency management software:

We have a unique, distinct offering built around client needs.

We are trusted by the largest brands in the world.

We offer a comprehensive, integrated platform.

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Our History

How we got here.

We're dedicated to helping brand advertisers navigate change and drive better business outcomes.

Agency Mania Solutions was built in the backyards of Microsoft and Amazon in Seattle, Washington. The company’s three founders, all industry veterans, joined forces on a mission to create a cloud-based technology platform to help brands improve business performance by strengthening their relationships with their agencies. All three founders came from complementary backgrounds–the perfect recipe for this tech venture to flourish and become the industry’s leading platform.

Teri Wiegman

Co-Founder and Principal

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Bruno Gralpois

Co-Founder and Principal

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Shaun Wolfe

Co-Founder and Principal

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Major company milestones

JUN 2013

AMS is formed by industry veterans Bruno Gralpois, Shaun Wolfe, and Teri Wiegman. The company is named after the book and industry reference, Agency Mania, written by one of its co-founders, Bruno Gralpois.

AUG 2013

AMS launches its first performance evaluation solution–EvaluationDeliver™, to offer a comprehensive managed service.

MAR 2014

Co-Founder Bruno Gralpois joins the ANA School of Marketing as a faculty member, facilitating workshops on client/agency relationships for global advertisers.

MAY 2014

AMS launches BriefDeliver™ to improve client input briefing.

NOV 2015

AMS launches TrainingDeliver™ to address client needs for agency and internal onboarding and interactive training.

MAR 2017

Mondelez International presents its global scope management implementation at an ANA industry event using ScopeDeliver™.

AUG 2017

AMS launches RosterDeliver™, a comprehensive roster management solution.

APR 2018

AMS launches PerformanceDeliver™, its self-serve performance evaluation solution.

JUN 2018

AMS hosts its first Agency Management Leadership Consortium.

JAN 2019

Gilead Sciences uses AMS’ suite of solutions to present its roadmap at an ANA industry event . HP Inc. presents its successful roll out of its Global Marketing Training program using TrainingDeliver™.

FEB 2019

AMS hosts its first Adweek webinar on best practices in agency management.

APR 2019

AMS sponsors its first Association of National Advertisers’ Advertising Financial Management conference. Dell presents its successful rollout of RosterDeliver™ to attendees.

MAR 2021

AMS launches ContractDeliver™, its newest solution to facilitate the management of contracts and licenses.

JUN 2021

AMS launches Agency Mania University, its online agency management training courses, available for purchase using our e-learning curriculum.

JUL 2021

Business Intelligence Group awards AMS their “SAMMY” technology award for 2021 “Organization of the Year” in the Advertising Technology category.


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What we stand for.

How living our values benefits our clients:


Effective collaboration is a fundamental approach to our engagement with clients. We understand and foster value from teamwork.


Mutual accountability, based on clear expectations, is essential to any healthy and productive relationship.


Constant innovation provides us with new ways to solve problems and drive sustained value.


Measurable performance keeps the work grounded in tangible results that impact business performance and our client’s bottom line.

Trust & Integrity

Transparency, trust, and integrity are essential to building and strengthening business partnerships.

Learn how you can benefit.

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