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Keshia Carlson


RosterDeliver™ enables this client to optimize and simplify its agency roster.

Context/Problem Statement:

A large multinational company and top brand advertiser with marketing teams distributed around the world was facing challenges in helping its fast- paced marketing organization find the right agencies in their approved roster to carry on various marketing assignments, ranging from creative, media, digital, social and more. As the company grew, so did the size of their marketing department. Finding the right agencies became even more critical for its hundreds of marketers – organized around various business units and distributed around the world. Enabling busy marketers find a perfectly skilled agency partner by leveraging a well-organized and easy to use online roster solution would reduce time and resource churn while improving the accurate matching of assignments to the client-approved agency talent.

Major obstacles and considerations

This advertiser operates worldwide with a plethora of agency partners, leveraging specific talents, skills, and resources to achieve its ambitious marketing goals. However, finding the right agency for the right job can prove to be a daunting task for marketers without a reliable, up-to-date database of approved agencies. Internal systems often lack detailed and relevant agency profiles.

These agency profiles can also easily become outdated and difficult and time-consuming to navigate. These limitations result in excessive time and resource churn, work/talent misalignments, longer vendor tails, reduced economies of scale, and a rise of compliance and governance issues as teams look for agencies outside of their existing roster.

The Solution (RosterDeliver™)

This multinational top brand advertiser tasked Agency Mania Solutions to implement a custom version of RosterDeliver™, an intuitive roster database and search capability, specifically built around their unique business requirements.

This concise, well-structured roster management tool provides the company’s marketers with a single destination and myriad search filters and data points to help them find the perfect agency for their needs. The company migrated data from its procurement systems and other sources as a starting point and asked its roster agencies to securely access the tool and update their own profiles. The advertiser’s Agency Roster is now a flexible one-stop online solution specifically designed to provide easy access to up-to-date information about agencies – detailed contact information, recent work examples and awards, approved capabilities, past agency performance results – in various service categories such as creative, media, research, and more. Example Data Points:

  • Corporate info
  • Key Contact(s) info
  • Experience Locations & Capabilities
  • Clients/stakeholders
  • Clients (incl. other Brands)
  • Work Samples & Awards
  • Stakeholder feedback

Consequences / Impact

Within a year of its implementation, the advertiser realized significant and lasting improvements: a rise in the spending for preferred partners – as high as 85% of total spend – and a 20% reduction in its overall number of tail partners, resulting in a far stronger and healthier agency roster. Combined with a sturdier ongoing hygiene process to keep agency records current, a reduction in non-approved vendor onboarding requests, deeper engagement from internal partners and stakeholders, and overall tool adoption, user satisfaction has never been higher.

• Deeper stakeholder engagement
• 85% of spend with preferred agencies
• 20% reduction of tail partners
• 12% reduction of bad records
• Increase in stakeholder satisfaction

Providing our employees with a robust, up-to-date, and comprehensive list of approved agencies has enabled us to match our needs to the most qualified agencies within our roster. Built on the RosterDeliver platform, our agency roster is enabling us to move from mere supplier to partnership management and enhance our marketing efforts.”
– Agency Management Team,
Multinational Brand Advertiser

Lesson Learned

The move to a more centralized, scalable, and marketing-friendly agency roster tool enables this large advertiser to award the right marketing assignments to the right agencies, improve access and internal productivity, provide more actionable and up-to-date agency profiles to the marketing organization, and, as a result, realize far greater value from its agency ecosystem.

By: Bruno Gralpois, Author/Speaker, Thought-provocateur, Client/Agency Guru, Entrepreneur, Innovator

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