Case Studies


Keshia Carlson


An integrated mix of agency management tools enables Gilead Sciences to improve agency insights, action plans, work output, relationships and more streamlined, efficient use of resources.

Context/Problem Statement:

Gilead is a $26B biotech company that researches, develops, and commercializes drugs, primarily focusing on antiviral drugs used in the treatment of HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. For nearly 30 years, Gilead has focused on improving the lives of the patients who use their products while infusing their values – integrity, inclusion, teamwork, accountability, and excellence into everything they do.
Employees at Gilead challenge one another to ever-higher standards and accomplishment. The company has attracted some of the sharpest minds in biotech and beyond, and together they deliver life-saving therapies to patients in need.

With a worldwide staff of more than 11,000 people, Gilead relies on a number of agencies to successfully deliver its message in the marketplace and to continuously look for ways to empower its marketing organization to succeed with a more holistic, integrated approach to managing agency partnerships.

Major Obstacles and Considerations

The Marketing Operations team is an extremely lean internal team and was tasked with creating a data- and insight-driven, integrated agency management model. In order to achieve this, they relied on automation and integration to drive efficiencies and lessen the manual workload. Gilead Marketing deals with ongoing evolution of the brands they support, and, in turn, their campaigns and agencies. This requires an agency model and agency management programs that are agile and nimble to adapt to the complexity of the organization. The company’s commitment to achieve operational excellence and maximize agency performance through strategic, innovative solutions became a key priority.


  • EvaluationDeliver
  • ScopeDeliver
  • RosterDeliver
  • BriefDeliver
  • TrainingDeliver

Integrated Solution for Partnership Excellence

Gilead’s Marketing Operations team and Agency Mania Solutions partnered to build a roadmap toward a robust integrated agency management system that delivers maximum value to the marketing organization. The end solution includes 360-degree performance evaluation (EvaluationDeliver), online agency roster database (RosterDeliver), agency and marketing online training (TrainingDeliver), online agency briefing (BriefDeliver), and integrated scope of work management (ScopeDeliver), rolled out in phases based on organizational readiness and priorities.

A tight collaboration between the Operations Team and the
Procurement Team – with clear roles and responsibilities and aligned priorities – was instrumental to the success of the rollout, managed in collaboration with the Agency Mania Solutions team.

Consequences / Impact

The phased rollout approach allowed the organization to lay a solid
foundation with quick wins: Crawl – infrastructure building: establish core operational processes and programs; Walk – core competencies and accountability levers: implement a more systematic partnership-driven approach to working with agencies; Run – organizational and partnership readiness: infuse best practices; Fly – industry leading practices and continuous improvement. As a result, this integrated approach to partnership management enabled Gilead to realize its objectives: secure the best talent, improve decision making, optimize agency relationships, drive efficiencies, contribute to better work, develop best practices, and train marketers and agencies on how to get the most value from the partnership.

Built cooperatively, the roadmap allowed Gilead to
implement their vision in a well-organized manner,
phasing in capabilities based on organizational
readiness and priorities.

Gilead’s integrated approach to managing agency partnerships
is instrumental to its ability to achieve operational excellence
and build strong relationships with its agencies.


• Improved relationships and work output
• Greater insight, improved analysis and action plans
• Robust process and streamlined orchestration
• Efficient use of agency resources
• Integrated approach to managing agency partnerships

Lesson Learned

Gilead’s Marketing Operations Team understood that agency management solutions are most successful if they are customized to a company’s existing workflows, culture, and taxonomy to ensure lasting performance. Sharing a common vision for an integrated approach allows both Gilead and Agency Mania Solutions to partner effectively. Internal cross-team socialization and support is critical for full alignment and leadership advocacy. Working hand-in-hand with Gilead Procurement was essential to a successful rollout and adoption. This collaborative approach with internal teams, agency partners, and solution providers, combined with a thoughtful change management strategy, was essential to a successful implementation.