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Keshia Carlson


This Online Training Solution enables clients to roll out a robust, compliant solution to train agencies faster and more efficiently while improving both collaboration and productivity.

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Context/Problem Statement:

A leading multinational biotechnology company in one of the most regulated industries was faced with the challenge of adequately training agency teams to adhere strictly to FDA rules and guidelines. Because the consequences of violating federal rules could be catastrophic, therefore, the need for a comprehensive, quality training program for agency onboarding and ongoing compliance was vital.


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  • Improved compliance and risk reduction
  • Improved collaboration and increased team productivity
  • Decrease in time spent on training delivery – internally and externally with agencies
  • Cost reduction and efficiency gains due to decrease in review time and fewer errors
  • Increased agency onboarding and speed to market
  • Increased satisfaction on both sides, as reflected in performance evaluations

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