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Keshia Carlson


A module inside ScopeDeliver™ to improve the negotiation process with agencies.

The process of getting alignment on scope of work expectations and agency financials is a common planning activity for brand advertisers. Once the client has articulated the scope requirements, the agency submits their proposal based on the agreed-upon compensation model – typically as agency fees tied to a staffing plan (aka retainer) or as a cost per deliverable/output. Once reviewed by the client (individuals within the marketing and/or procurement/sourcing organization), a process known as “agency negotiations” unfolds, seeking to assign the right resources to carry out the work. One of ScopeDeliver’s popular modules is called “Negotiation Tracker.” This optional module in ScopeDeliver allows the tracking, documentation, and reporting of the various steps involved in the agency negotiation process as well as their outcomes.

What it solves:

The traditionally handled negotiation process (over emails or phone calls) can be loose, lack rigor or proper documentation, and ultimately, be highly ineffective.


  1.  Business Context: Negotiations
  2. Module Overview
  3. Illustrative Views
  4. How Clients Benefit

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