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Enabling better marketing agency partnership relationships:

We offer automated, Software as a Service (SaaS) based solutions, designed to significantly improve the ability of brand advertisers to effectively manage their valuable marketing agency and supplier relationships.

We are unique in that we:

  • Provide customizable software (SaaS)
  • Are unbiased and consultative
  • Have unmatched client/agency experience
MarTech Software

See what our Agency Partnership Management Software can do for you, ad agencies and suppliers.

ScopeDeliver™ is an end-to-end agency scope of work (SOW) cloud-based solution designed to support streamlined annual staffing and financial planning and ongoing management of deliverables, agencies and supplier resources.

EvaluationDeliver™ is our end-to-end managed service (or self-serve) comprehensive client/agency performance evaluation solution designed to improve and strengthen the work relationship with agency and supplier partners. Focus on the outcome, not the process.

RosterDeliver™ is a flexible one-stop agency roster solution, a sort of user-friendly, online supplier database to provide detailed and easy access to up-to-date information about advertising/marketing agencies and suppliers in the company’s roster.

BriefDeliver™ is an online agency briefing solution designed to improve the speed, consistency, and quality of input and guidance from clients to agencies.

ContractDeliver™ is a flexible one-stop online contract database specifically designed to provide detailed and easy access to up-to-date information about contracts from advertising and marketing agencies, suppliers and third-party resources.

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KPIDeliver™ is a dashboard-like solution specifically designed to provide team leaders and their staff with a consolidated view of all key performance indicators (KPIs) required for the effective reporting and analysis of agency-related activities.

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What our customers are saying

"We have been able to take our scope management efforts to the next level and establish best-in-class SOW and agency financial workflows and processes in partnership with the Agency Mania Solutions team that sets our marketing team up for success in years to come."
Dionne Colvin-Lovely | Group Manager, Advertising & Marketing Management Office, Toyota North America
"We have been able to evolve and establish best in class agency management processes with the resources and partnership provided by the Agency Mania team."
Keecia Scott | Senior Director, Marketing Operations, Gilead Sciences
“You have a terrific team and I truly enjoyed getting to know everyone and be able to witness the strong bond already built between our organizations.”
Leadership Team Member | Agency Management, Fortune 100 Tech Company
"I must take the time to recognize the OUTSTANDING work you are doing with our (agency) evaluations. The level of support, responsiveness and thoroughness is best in class, really.”
Team Member | Marketing Procurement , Fortune 100 Pharma Company
"Working with a new company on a system integration just gives me so much more appreciation for how amazing your team is and how seamless you made the ScopeDeliver roll-out for our company. I wish every supplier partner that we work with could be as great as you guys!!”
Leadership Team Member | Marketing Procurement , Fortune 150 Pharma Company
“A+. That’s the only grade I’d give every single person that we interact with from AMS. Such an amazing team.”
Team Member | Global Sourcing Lead, Fortune 100 Pharma Company
"Our team has had the chance to review all the enhancements to our roster tool and we are obsessed with the reporting features! The [review] process is so much cleaner. You guys are the best!"
Leadership Team Member | Global Agency Relations, Fortune 100 Financial Services Corporation
"We completed the roll-out of ScopeDeliver to our commercial and agency partners. This is the culmination of a lot of hard work, and while we are by no means done I didn’t want to let this milestone go by without acknowledgement of all of the time, talent and effort you all put into making this a success. Thank you all for being such great partners for us. "
Team Member | Agency Management, Fortune 200 Pharma Company
"We wanted to make sure that we reinforced how big of a role our partnership plays in our continued success as a function. We’re so grateful to have you as part of our Agency Management team!"
Leadership Team Member | Marketing Excellence & Operations, Fortune 200 Pharma Company
"I find all your content and thought leadership pieces excellent and so timely and relevant. This is outstanding information and I am so appreciative. Thank you as always, you are tremendous partners."
Leadership Team Member | Global Brand Standards and MarCom Operations, Fortune 200 Multinational Oil and Gas Corporation
"The tool runs at the very core of the entire process. The more marketers comply, the more data we obtain and as consequence, the more Business Intelligence we build all across. I wouldn’t had imagined to be where we are 2.5 years ago. What you’ve helped build is unprecedented."
Leadership Team Member | Global Creative & Marketing Procurement, Fortune 100 Pharma Company