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BriefDeliver™ - Team Briefing
Collaboration Software

BriefDeliver™ is an online agency briefing solution designed to improve the speed, consistency, and quality of input and guidance from clients to agencies.


More effective client-agency communication and marketing collaboration.

Greater alignment results around partnership strategy, goals, creative, and expectations, ultimately leading to better work.

A one-stop, simple interface leads to better marketing work by driving the level of process rigor, consistency, and precision required to improve the quality of client inputs.

HOW WE DO IT: An easy-to-access online agency brief library with search features, pre-set templates, and the ability to build new briefs automates manual, labor intensive tasks and enables consistent client input for the work, resulting in clear expectations.

More timely and complete agency submissions that meet on-strategy marketing objectives, define clear success metrics, and better optimize internal/external resources, cost efficiencies, and accelerated go-to-market.

A consistent, systematic workflow of briefing activities (through automation) increases productivity and reduces uncertainties, misalignments, and staffing inefficiencies/excesses that result in wasted efforts, poorer performance, and delayed delivery.

HOW WE DO IT: The tool is uniquely matched to each organization’s custom agency briefing process and specific internal approval workflow, with version control and automatic reminders. The solution encourages improved guidance and collaboration.

Accelerated and improved access to actionable information and brief-related marketing KPIs.

A client communication software system that allows the oversight of briefing activities enables marketers to better allocate resources, mitigate inefficiencies (e.g. rounds of creative), and focus on value-add priorities.

HOW WE DO IT: Robust administrative and custom reporting functionality provides complete monitoring of briefing activities for greater transparency, higher productivity, and mutual accountability.

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