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ContractDeliver™ - Online Contract
Management Software Solution

ContractDeliver™ is a flexible, one-stop online contract management database specifically designed to provide detailed and easy access to up-to-date information about contract documents from advertising and marketing agencies as well as relevant suppliers and third-party resources such as celebrities or influencers.

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Provide access to partner contracts and improve internal compliance.

Simple, anywhere access to a company’s contracts and licensing agreements to look up actionable information regarding contracts in a timely manner.

Marketing and procurement professionals often spend significant time and manual effort to locate key contractual information in order to effectively work with the company’s contractors. Internal systems often contain freeform documents that cannot easily be searched or filtered based on criteria (e.g., agreement type and specific terms).

HOW WE DO IT: System's convenient, Google-like search features (e.g., by keywords) save internal marketing teams (and designated partners) time with easy and efficient access to find the right, up-to-date contract and status information that they need (e.g., contract expiration dates, addendums, extensions, etc.).

A single destination where contract documents can be created, maintained, reviewed, and approved based on their status (draft, published) or their expiration date.

Substantial difficulties exist for marketing teams to maintain, review, and access the most up-to-date contracts they have for suppliers and third-party resources.

HOW WE DO IT: A dedicated, self-serve contracts system enables contracts to be swiftly drafted, reviewed, and approved, with version control and custom-built features and workflows based on unique client requirements.

Increased transparency and compliance to crucial relationship factors, which drives consistent efficiency and effectiveness within the working relationship.

Without a clear understanding of contractual components, stakeholders and budget owners can overstep crucial guidelines and relationship terms which can put the organization at risk in terms of security, potential legal disputes, or other regulations they must adhere to.

HOW WE DO IT: Validated agency data is extracted from existing sources (e.g., tools, systems, databases) and this simple interface increases awareness to detailed contract information such as commercial, business, legal terms, and requirements such as contract value, usage rights, and payment terms.

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