Managing agency partner performance is hard. We do the heavy lifting for you. Ask Us How

Introducing managed
agency evaluations:

EvaluationDeliver™ is a turnkey, comprehensive client/agency performance evaluation solution designed to improve and strengthen the work relationship with agency partners. As a managed service, you rely on Agency Mania Solutions to do the heavy lifting so you can focus on the outcome, not the process.


Tease out opportunities to maximize your agency investment.

Improved user satisfaction and survey participation.

Our clients realize unmatched user satisfaction and strong participation, increasing the value of the information obtained in this process.

HOW WE DO IT: Our approach is designed to reduce survey fatigue and improve engagement with a streamlined survey, automatic reminders, no password needed, online training, and a landing page for those with multiple surveys to complete. Our online participation tool makes developing and updating participation lists far more effective.

Robust process and streamlined orchestration.

Our fully managed process results in a simple, automated survey experience for participants. Administering surveys all the way through to effective results and trend analysis gives our clients more time to focus on strategic imperatives and driving results.

HOW WE DO IT: We do the heavy lifting, offering rigorous project management and taking on the operational complexities of orchestrating this process end to end in tight collaboration.

More insightful client/agency performance evaluations, improved analysis, and action plans.

Data is only useful if you have a plan to apply it. Extracting meaningful insight based on a deep understanding of the client/agency relationship will drive mutual commitments and better results.

HOW WE DO IT: Realtime custom dashboards and curated client-ready insight presentations for your most critical relationships, teasing out key actionable improvement areas (quantitative and qualitative) which can then trigger effective action plans. The Action Plan module tracks progress and ensures full transparency.