EvaluationDeliver is a comprehensive client/agency performance evaluation solution designed to improve and strengthen the work relationship between clients and their agency partners. It does this by identifying and analyzing root causes of potential inefficiencies as well as tension in the relationship in areas most critical to joint success.


We believe strongly that a company’s marketing is
only as successful as its agency relationships.

How do you benefit?

Strong client/agency relationships produce outstanding results. Under-performing relationships lead to wasted effort and increased budgets. Industry benchmarks show that client/agency performance evaluations are essential to growing healthy relationships, or curing troubled ones. Clients ask: How can we be better partners? How can we improve our collective output? How can we amplify or replicate what’s working best in the relationship? How can we remove roadblocks to effective collaboration, communication, partnership and ultimately success?


  • More insightful client/agency performance evaluations. We are the industry leaders in agency relationship management, with an intimate knowledge of common roadblocks to successful evaluations and strategies to avoid them.
  • Timely access to actionable insight without the operational headaches. Implementing quality end-to-end client agency performance evaluations can be a tedious and time-consuming endeavor for marketing or procurement teams eager to take action. Providing rich insight with clear action plans in a timely manner guarantees that clients and agencies are all aware of and focused on the most pressing relationship issues.
  • Greater user satisfaction and participation. Participation is key to obtaining substantive insight and getting the right action plans implemented. Yet we find that client and agency participation are often lacking due to survey fatigue and poor user experience. Our easy to use, flexible and customizable survey allows multiple agency assessments in one loop/survey, as well as built-in email automation. This ensures a smoother process and higher participation rates than traditional evaluation systems.
  • Effective data analysis and reporting. Data analysis services guarantee clients are identifying root causes and a clear path to course-correction. Marketing and procurement organizations often lack flexible, dynamic tools and best practice guidance to accelerate data analysis, especially unstructured data such as comments. Being able to efficiently prepare customized reporting packets and presentations for prompt distribution to all key internal stakeholders  and to a client’s agency roster is a must.


  • Our methodology has been refined based on years of best practices in the field of performance evaluation.
  • Every client engagement is unique, so we adapt our approach to meet your unique requirements. Our six-step process guarantees a successful implementation in record time so that you can strategically focus your time and efforts on taking agency relationships to the next level.

CASE STUDY: See how Dell is using EvaluationDeliver to provide marketers and agencies with quality content while improving their partnership.


  • PARTICIPATION TOOL: See how brands implement a module inside EvaluationDeliver to provide a more streamlined and simplified process to manage and update participation lists.
  • ONLINE EVALUATION DASHBOARD: See how brands implement a module inside of PerformanceDeliver to provide customized, simplified, and speedy access to client/agency performance evaluation results.