KPIDeliver is a dashboard-like solution specifically designed to provide team leaders and their staff with a consolidated view of all key performance indicators (KPI’s) required for the effective reporting and analysis of agency management activities. KPIDeliver brings all the metrics that matter most together in one easy to understand and actionable view.


We believe strongly that a company’s marketing is
only as successful as its agency relationships.

How do you benefit?

Successful agency management involves a multitude of complementary programs and activities designed to deliver greater value from agency partnerships. These activities generate a vast amount of data that must be tracked, reported and analyzed to inform better decision making and ensure successful outcomes. However, this data often resides in different or siloed systems, making it challenging to make timely decisions, or to provide executive level summaries to internal stakeholders.

KPIDeliver provides a unified, accurate and timely view of major KPI’s related to roster agencies – including but not limited to agency roster resources, financials, actuals and reconciliations, scope of work, relationship health and performance evaluation results, efficiency metrics, agency staffing plans and other key agency-related data points – all under a single umbrella reporting solution.


  • Improving team access to a single source repository across the entire roster: by sharing and updating information using a single destination for all reports related to agency management. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, the information needed to make timely and well informed decisions is at your fingertips.
  • Monitoring and reporting on progress against priority areas and objectives: by comparing and contrasting actual vs. target, team leaders can use KPIDeliver to monitor projects against stated objectives and course correct where needed.
  • Improved line of sight and decision-making: having all KPI’s under a single umbrella ensures internal alignment about relevant, actionable KPI’s with stakeholders and senior management. No more guess work or goal misalignment. Decision making is significantly improved. Standard one-click and interactive reports are available for quick analysis.


  • Built as a self-service platform with full administrative access, we provide a flexible solution based on the level of expertise and support required on an ongoing basis.
  • KPIDeliver combines and aggregates various sources of data into a single database repository on which reporting and analysis are conducted. Our secured platform allows agencies to upload data directly into the system, removing the need for time consuming, manual data transfers between our client’s organization and their agencies.
  • Data can be easily exported for more customized, in-depth reporting. Deployment includes ongoing reporting refinements, support and maintenance.