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PerformanceDeliver™ - Self-Serve
Evaluation Survey Platform

PerformanceDeliver™ is a custom built, self-managed (and centrally controlled by the advertiser) agency evaluation tool that carefully blends the rigor of data and survey management with greater flexibility. This performance appraisal tool allows surveys to be designed and launched on a given day, based on preset criteria or as an alternative to our managed-service solution, EvaluationDeliver™.


Agile, real-time partner performance feedback.

Take immediate action with automatically triggered partner relationship performance feedback.

Through this online survey software, surveys are designed and launched on a designated day and as a course-corrective action throughout the year for optimal flexibility and more frequent partnership evaluations / appraisals.

HOW WE DO IT: Optimized for consistency and self-use, this performance evaluation platform is built to match organizational workflow and the unique needs of performance feedback based on set or ad hoc cadence and operations. Capturing real-time feedback that is triggered upon project completion, for example (as a companion to ScopeDeliver), elevates your ability to take quick and meaningful action.

Use personalized survey templates (based on type of agency or assignment) to encourage better input and relevant, actionable feedback.

Advertising and marketing communication disciplines like creative, media, PR, digital, and sponsorship, and the specialty agencies needed to carry on this work, are unique and therefore require their own survey questions.

HOW WE DO IT: We work with our clients to develop an effective library of custom survey questions that can be easily selected based on the work being completed or by the type of agency used.

Access insight-rich reporting for better root-cause analysis of performance feedback..

Advertisers can easily identify trends in a given agency relationship by evaluating how consistent the feedback is across multiple relationships over time. The reporting helps identify root causes and provides a clear path to course-correct.

HOW WE DO IT: The platform's custom-based reporting across business units, agency types, regions, etc., improves how survey results are displayed and used for partnership analysis.

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