PerformanceDeliver is an automated client/agency performance evaluation end-to-end solution designed to improve and strengthen the work relationship between a client organization and its agency partners. It does this by identifying and analyzing root causes of potential inefficiencies and tension in the relationship in areas most critical to joint success.


We believe strongly that a company’s marketing is
only as successful as its agency relationships.

How do we benefit?

Advertisers are looking for real-time feedback about the performance of their agency relationships that will yield better work and outstanding results. Under-performing relationships lead to wasted efforts and budgets. Industry benchmarks show that client/agency performance evaluations are essential to grow healthy relationships or cure troubled ones.

Clients ask: How can we be better partners? How can we improve our collective output? How can we amplify or replicate what’s working best in the relationship? How can we remove roadblocks to effective collaboration, communication, partnership, and ultimately success?

What is the right Client/Agency Performance Evaluation solution for us?

Both PerformanceDeliver™ and EvaluationDeliver™ provide unique, yet complementary benefits. Consider the following characteristics when determining the right solution(s) for you:


Although an evaluation once or twice a year allows advertisers to go deeper in assessing the health of the client/agency relationship, this approach lacks the ability to capture feedback throughout the course of the year when immediate steps can be taken to address areas of improvement.

Self-managed and centrally controlled by the advertiser, the PerformanceDeliver™ solution carefully blends the rigor of data and survey management with greater flexibility, allowing surveys to be designed and launched on any given day.

  • Custom built to match organizational workflow. System is built to match the unique requirements and internal structure to integrate into existing business cadence and operations
  • Agile, real-time evaluation feedback. No need to wait a few months before capturing actionable feedback about a client/agency relationship. With PerformanceDeliver™, an advertiser can set up a survey and launch it the same day. This is particularly useful when a relationship is deteriorating quickly or taking action is of the essence.
  • Higher Frequency Pulse. Designed to enable a timelier and more project-specific process that complements the traditional relationship-based annual evaluation.
  • Full Integration with ScopeDeliver. There is no better time to assess the performance of the client/agency relationship than after an important initiative has just completed. By integrating performance evaluation with ScopeDeliver™ as a project is earmarked as completed, a survey is automatically triggered with minimal or no human intervention.
  • Personalized survey templates for better input. Marketing communication disciplines like creative, media, PR, and sponsorship, and the agencies needed to do this work, are so distinct that they often require their own set of questions to get more relevant and actionable feedback than using generic questions. PerformanceDeliver™ allows the management of a library of questions that can be easily selected based on the type of agency or assignment.
  • Effective trend analysis and reporting. Advertisers can easily identify trends in a given relationship by evaluating how consistent the feedback is across multiple relationships over time. The reporting helps identify root causes and a clear path to course-correct those.


Custom interface developed that maps to the organizational structure and enables advertisers to manage performance evaluations across their teams and business units.

PerformanceDeliver allows an advertiser to:

  • Set up a new performance evaluation survey
  • Choose or add questions to a given survey question set
  • Kick off a performance evaluation survey
  • Identify who should participate and trigger automated reminders
  • Access trend reporting and various charts about survey results
  • Collect the information necessary to strengthen the client/agency relationship


  • PARTICIPATION TOOL: See how brands implement a module inside PerformanceDeliver to provide a more streamlined and simplified process to manage and update participation lists.
  • ONLINE EVALUATION DASHBOARD: See how brands implement a module inside of PerformanceDeliver to provide customized, simplified, and speedy access to client/agency performance evaluation results.