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RosterDeliver™ - Agency Relationship
Management Software

RosterDeliver™ is a flexible one-stop agency roster solution, a sort of user-friendly, online supplier database specifically designed to provide sourcing and marketing professionals detailed and easy access to up-to-date information about advertising/marketing agencies and suppliers in the company’s roster.


Tease out opportunities to maximize your agency investment.

Anywhere access and reliable resource of your company’s agency roster and marketing suppliers.

A customized roster tool provides sourcing managers and marketers a single destination to search and identify the perfect agency for their needs by combining multiple data points to create a comprehensive supplier profile (approved capabilities, past performance, recent work examples, key contact info, and other intelligence).

HOW WE DO IT: Convenient search functionality by key attributes that are determined based on our clients’ needs, and a comprehensive data set that is kept updated with automatic scheduled reminders incentivizing agencies and marketing suppliers to keep their profiles current.

Easy-to-navigate, consolidated view of company’s roster for effective engagement with agency partners and marketing suppliers, and improved decision-making in the selection process.

Optimized for flexibility, this one-stop online supplier platform is built with sourcing professionals and marketers in mind (unlike generic, traditional, and archaic procurement systems) for easy selection of a well-suited partner with the right skills for any given assignment in a timely manner.

HOW WE DO IT: The tool is customized based on your unique requirements and structured for expedient information gathering, based on what sourcing professionals or marketers look for in a given agency. This leads to optimal work alignment and optimized time and resource management.

Improved internal compliance and governance occurs by guiding your sourcing and marketing organization to prioritize your preferred agency roster, increase economies of scale, and reduce your longtail.

This single destination, intelligence platform provides sourcing professionals and marketers an extensive list of existing, approved agencies and marketing suppliers to best support their search for the right partner to fit the needs of the business.

HOW WE DO IT: A custom, organized view into your company’s preferred agencies and marketing suppliers (by approved capability, line of business, top rating, etc.) guides sourcing professionals and marketers to consider the most qualified, best-matched resources–which in turn increases spend with preferred partners and a consolidation of tail vendors.

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