RosterDeliver is a flexible one-stop online agency roster database specifically designed to provide detailed and easy access to up-to-date information about advertising and marketing agencies in your company’s roster, so internal clients can easily search and find the right partner to support their efforts.


We believe strongly that a company’s marketing is
only as successful as its agency relationships.

How do you benefit?

Finding the right agency partner for a particular assignment is one of the most challenging tasks faced by marketing professionals today. Clients ask: What are the approved agencies for this type of service? What is the right agency partner for my business or a particular project? What information is available about them and where can I easily get this information? Whom should I call to get started? Conceived especially for marketing organizations, this single destination database is simple to use and easy to implement, providing a solution that improves internal compliance and overall satisfaction.


  • Anywhere access and look-up for your approved company’s agency roster and marketing suppliers. This means no more time wasted or frustrated internal budget owners looking for approved agencies for their project. Current contact information is right at your fingertips. A single destination with convenient search features means everyone finds what they are looking for in a timely manner.
  • Convenient search functionality for quicker and better results. Each agency/supplier can be searched based on key attributes that are determined based on our clients’ needs. Common data attributes include specialty of services, line of business (if appropriate), type of services provided, parent company, core competency and much more.
  • Standard summary views for analysis and presentations. Compelling reports and charts are also available for a quick snapshot view into the entire agency roster. These executive summary views are particularly helpful for various internal leadership meetings and presentations.


  • Detailed agency information is extracted from existing sources, lists and databases. This data is carefully validated and augmented with roster agencies to provide rich and up-to-date information.
  • Because it is set up as a self-service platform with administrative access, our clients have complete flexibility on how to use this solution, which is customized based on their unique requirements.
  • Data export functionality allows for additional reporting and analysis, without any constraints or limitations.

CASE STUDY: See how top brand advertisers are using RosterDeliver to provide detailed and easy access to up-to-date information about advertising and marketing agencies in their company roster.


  • AGENCY FEEDBACK SURVEY MODULE: See how brands implement a module inside RosterDeliver to enhance the quality and relevancy of agency profiles with simple reviews.