ScopeDeliver is an integrated scope of work (SOW) and staffing plan solution.  It has been specifically designed to support the annual planning of deliverables and agency resources required to successfully execute marketing objectives.  Improved staffing and fee negotiations result from using accurate SOW data along with internal benchmarks.


We believe strongly that a company’s marketing is
only as successful as its agency relationships.

How do you benefit?

Annually, during the budget cycle, vast amounts of resources and effort are invested to identify the highest value marketing objectives and corresponding budgets to support the commercial goals of the company. An accurate inventory and description of all deliverables agencies will be asked to produce is vital to identifying the right skillsets and agency resources required for the efficient delivery of campaign work. Without the right SOW data, or relevant benchmarks, your organization is ill-equipped to partner effectively with external agencies for sound and appropriate staffing and fee projections. Our integrated SOW and staffing plan solution provides all the necessary views and reports to improve planning and negotiation for the timely and accurate exchange of information between clients and agencies.


  • Reduced waste and inefficiency for both client teams and agencies. By sharing and updating information using a single repository, clients and agencies avoid countless mistakes, redundancies and wasted exchanges via email or inconsistent documentation. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, both client teams and agencies can focus their time and energy on more strategic value activities.
  • Accelerated timelines, improved consistency and alignment. A more rigorous, yet flexible approach to capture SOW data, fees and staffing plans significantly speeds up the planning process, allowing clients to move faster and get agency resources negotiated and in place early in the fiscal year.
  • Improved line of sight and decision-making. Critical SOW, fee and staffing data can easily be searched and reported on, allowing clients to make better decisions about where to invest limited budgets and prioritize campaign work flows. The solution also handles FTE/$ reconciliation for ongoing oversight and management of agency resources. Standard reports are available for quick analysis. Data can be easily exported for more customized or in-depth reporting.


  • Built as a self-service platform with full administrative access, we provide a flexible solution based on the level of expertise and support required on an on-going basis. Most client engagements include some level of project management and communication support for a smooth implementation from beginning to end.
  • Workflow and approval process is built in as a core functionality but these processes can be customized to meet the unique and changing requirements of a client organization.
  • Upload functionality for rate cards and staffing plans allows agencies to provide the information needed for planning and negotiations with minimal client intervention and support.

CASE STUDY: See how Toyota is using ScopeDeliver to build a world-class approach to building stronger partnerships.


  • SOW INTERNAL BENCHMARKS: See how brands implement a module inside ScopeDeliver to collect, aggregate, and report historical costs to assist in the negotiation and alignment process with agencies.
  • NEGOTIATION TRACKER: See how brands implement a module inside ScopeDeliver to track the negotiation process.