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TrainingDeliver™ - Online Training
Software Solution

TrainingDeliver™ is a flexible online training platform designed to efficiently onboard and train agency staff and internal client teams on company policies, brand/privacy guidelines, internal processes, and expectations.

This solution also offers training in agency management and partnership building, based on our years of experience on both the client and agency side.


Drive compliance, reduce risk, improve onboarding and partnerships.

Access to current client policies, guidelines, and processes to drive compliance.

A simple online tool for agency training that’s available 24/7 and ensures agency partners are current on the client’s business and compliant with various internal processes and procedures to effectively perform their tasks. Training can be used as part of an onboarding program or throughout the year as new agency staff are added to a client’s account.

HOW WE DO IT: The platform tracks progress of training participants with client-accessible dashboard views. Assessments may be added to measure comprehension and pinpoint areas in need of additional attention. This mitigates risk of nonadherence to strict regulations and company guidelines, reducing the occurrence of rule violations (especially important for highly-regulated industries) and costly repercussions of errors in agency projects.

Platform's eLearning curriculum is consumed at your own pace and is designed to strengthen partnerships, increase efficiency, and produce more effective work.

Training solution is developed as microlearning, with adult learning principles in mind, using scenario-based elements to promote retention of key concepts.

HOW WE DO IT: A dedicated, on-demand modular program hosted on your Learning Management System or ours, containing engaging and targeted learning assets such as videos, eLearning, quick reference information, and comprehension checks.

Significant efficiency gains by reducing new agency onboarding time, allowing clients to get agency staff “client/audit-ready” within days (not weeks or months) after starting work on the account.

There are no further excuses for compliance issues; expensive on-site training and travel expenses are significantly reduced and firewall issues limiting the number of training participants are no longer an issue.

HOW WE DO IT: Online interface is available globally, 24/7, allowing agencies and internal teams to take the training when it’s most convenient for them. Automatic reminders help them remember when training needs to be completed, freeing up client resources and significantly reducing time and cost.