TrainingDeliver is a flexible, one-stop 24/7 online training program specifically designed to efficiently train all designated agency staff on a client’s company policies, brand/privacy guidelines, internal processes and expectations. This ensures full compliance, mitigates risk, improves agency performance and significantly speeds up onboarding of new agencies and/or new staff at existing roster agencies.



We believe strongly that a company’s marketing is
only as successful as its agency relationships.

How do you benefit?

In a fast moving and competitive environment where clients change agencies regularly and agency personnel attrition reaches astronomical figures, advertisers see new agency staff come on to their business at a much faster speed than ever before. This higher turnover leads to countless hours training and onboarding agency staff members who are trying their best to learn their client’s business, as well as remain compliant with various internal processes to effectively perform their tasks. This 24/7 training solution provides agencies and clients access to relevant training anytime, worldwide, at home and on the go. Clients no longer need to devote an abundance of resources to ensure that their agencies have the information they need.


  • Comprehensive, up to date access to client policies, guidelines and processes that agency personnel are expected to comply with, from project onset through entire life cycle engagements. This means no more time wasted looking for information, or outdated training materials that might impact the quality, performance and compliance of the work agencies are producing on their client’s behalf. A single destination with convenient search features means everyone finds what they are looking for in a timely manner.
  • Always-on, anywhere, anytime (24/7) online interface allows global agency participants to take the training when it’s most convenient. Participants are more receptive and more likely to benefit from the training materials provided. Interactive module-style content ensures full comprehension of training materials.
  • Significant efficiency gains are achieved by reducing new agency and new talent onboarding time, allowing clients to get agency staff “client-ready” within days (not weeks or months) after starting work on the account. No more excuses for not being compliant, no more expensive on-site training and travel expenses, and no more firewall issues ultimately limiting the number of training participants benefiting from the content.
  • Modular approach accommodates simple to more complex requirements to meet diverse needs and priorities. It also can easily scale — content wise as well as the number of agencies and individual participants.


  • Secure, client-branded online learning portal is easily accessed by agency employees once invited to participate.
  • Training modules are built leveraging existing documentation and resources, and are presented in learning units based on LMS industry best practices for optimal results.
  • Training modules are typically individualized to specific agencies or specific roles to ensure only relevant modules are offered to participants. Automated reminders remove time-consuming manual tasks.
  • Detailed reporting allows clients to monitor individual agency participation and completion of training modules.

CASE STUDY: See how Dell is using TrainingDeliver to provide marketers and agencies with quality content while improving their partnership.